Peer-review process


In order to publish articles in the printed volume of the Conference, or to upload them on international databases, they have to be analysed in a “double blind” peer-review process, according to internal operational procedures. During the selection process, the author’s name is not known – being replaced with an identification number, so that the process is an objective one. The author also does not know the name of the reviewer.

The article refusal rate is 20%.

The peer-review reports are made by the Committee of Reviewers and other members of the editorial board. The process lasts between three and five weeks, and the answers can be: “accepted article”, “accepted article with revisions” or “refused article”.


Ethic rules and malpractice


The studies sent for publication that do not correspond to the scientific exigencies of the Committee of Reviewers will not be accepted. We reject and refute plagiarized articles. Another selection criterion is the originality of the texts.  An article can also be rejected, as violating ethics, if it was already published in other magazines or was previously presented at other conferences.  The obligation to proofread the articles, to respect the editing guidelines, and to apply the stipulations of the Copyright Law are the authors’ responsibility. If, during the peer-review process, an author realizes they have made an error, they must contact the editors of the Conference or of the publication.

During the peer-review process, editors and reviewers must keep the confidentiality of the information and of the author’s data.

The way in which the authors of the articles and studies respect the stipulation of the Copyright Law, Law 1/2011, and the Internal Regulations on research and artistic creation can also be verified using the academic plagiarism screening tool accredited by the Ministry (and CNCIS). The author of each paper must send to the editorial board a short presentation of their research and artistic activity, as well as of their institutional affiliation.